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If you often need to hire a forklift or are planning a schedule of hire for upcoming tasks, why not become a fast track user?

If you are not sure which forklift to hire for your task,  give our Operations Team a call. In our Customer List you will see for just how many different types of application we have supplied forklifts and so you can be assured we will give you sound advice on which forklift to use..

Telephone Number  -  London and The South East

Operations Centre      020 7748 2100

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Bluewater specialises in forklift hire with and without driver anywhere within London, Kent and Essex. We are very flexible and can deliver very quickly

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"Thank you for your excellent service, we will be back in touch for any fork lift requirements in future."


Useful forklift facts and useful tips

Delivering your Hired Forklift

It is very important that there is somewhere to park the lorry (ie particularly in London) where access can be a problem, red routes etc. We can get round it by providing a second driver, ie one to take the lorry away while the forklift driver does the job.


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Tips for forklift safety

Which is safer ?

Is a four wheel forklift more stable and safer than a three wheel forklift? They are both the same as they both behave in terms of stability based on the Stability triangle.