Need to hire a forklift ... FAST?

Tailift Forklift

We can provide forklifts and specialist forklift trucks with flexible hire periods for short-term hire by the day, weekly, monthly or long term-term hire.

We can provide a forklift hire with our own driver, if required, for those unexpected or specialised one-off jobs.

INSTANT Forklift Hire

  • Do you need a forklift quickly?
  • Have you got an unexpected job?
  • Is your own forklift out of action?
  • Do you also need a forklift driver?
Bluewater offers an instant forklift hire service
when you need it, to get you out of trouble!

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Instant Forklift Hire

Customers are delighted with our "Instant Forklift" Hire Service. You may be surprised just how often companies find themselves stuck without a truck!

Usually in the forklift hire trade, for these one-off tasks, whether for a day, a few days or weeks ahead, it is necessary to contract hire a forklift, whereas we offer a simple way ...

If you need a forklift truck instantly for those one-off tasks, call the Bluewater Instant Hire Team

  • Instant phone call
  • Instant response with price
  • Instant payment by WorldPay with Visa and Mastercard, etc.
  • Instant payment from your web-enabled mobile device or tablet 

It's that easy so to arrange your instant forklift hire ...

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Instant hire is a demanding service for a forklift hire company to provide as it requires quick decisions and a flexible and helpful team. Our instant service helps our customers when they need it most and works well because of the finely-tuned close cooperation of the Bluewater operations team with lots of experience in handling the most extraordinary range of loads and circumstances (see our customer list).

We can deliver a forklift, with a driver if required, to your site, anywhere in London (including Central London Low Emission Zone), Essex, Kent, for a day or even just a few hours' hire

Short-Term and Long-Term Forklift Hire

Three wheel Electric Forklift

In addition to our instant hire service, we offer the standard short-term and long-term hire of our forklifts for weekly, monthly and yearly periods. We have earned a good reputation for reliability and good quality of service and support as our comprehensive list of satisfied customers will show.

All hire includes:

  • FREE maintenance
  • FREE servicing
  • FREE replacement in the event of breakdown

So, whatever type of forklift hire you may need ...

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Bluewater specialises in forklift hire with and without driver anywhere within London, Kent and Essex. We are very flexible and can deliver very quickly

What our clients are saying

"Thank you for your excellent service, we will be back in touch for any fork lift requirements in future."


Useful forklift facts and useful tips

Delivering your Hired Forklift

It is very important that there is somewhere to park the lorry (ie particularly in London) where access can be a problem, red routes etc. We can get round it by providing a second driver, ie one to take the lorry away while the forklift driver does the job.


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Tips for forklift safety

Which is safer ?

Is a four wheel forklift more stable and safer than a three wheel forklift? They are both the same as they both behave in terms of stability based on the Stability triangle.