The New Artison Plus Range

Artison Plus HFD25e-1

ARTISON is a major forklift supplier manufacturing over 30,000 machines per year for global distribution which are precision-built in Taiwan with proven design, reliability and technical innovation. The design allows the trucks to cope with the most arduous operating conditions and because of the low maintenance costs, we are able to offer you low costs.

QUALITY & PRICE are the major reasons ARTISON forklifts are so popular across Europe.


All 'Regular' models equipped with side shift, S/E puncture proof tyres, upswept exhaust, suspension seat, lights, beacon and reverse alarm.

Features & Benefits

  • Maximum strength and rigidity from one-piece construction incorporating fuel tank, hydraulic oil tank and overhead guard with air intake
  • Fully serviceable with Nissan, Isuzu branded parts
  • Bespoke colour scheme available   Load carriage backrest
  • Full lights including indicators
  • Adjustable steering wheel
  • Slow operation inching pedal   
  • Third hydraulics for use with optional attachments
  • Hydrostatic power steering for precise and effortless control
  • Electronic power shift transmission
  • Fitted with fan-cooled fluid cooler
  • No mechanical linkages
  • Smooth and responsive
  • Pneumatic or puncture proof SE tyres on single or dual rims
  • Auto-adjusting brakes to optimise braking efficiency at all times
  • Lift mast options, duplex wide view, full free lift or triplex section
  • Noise suppression under bonnet
  • Steamlined counterweight
  • Multi-function dash panel
  • VVQI London Accreditation to EN1726-1.
  • Full suspension seat
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Bluewater specialises in forklift hire with and without driver anywhere within London, Kent and Essex. We are very flexible and can deliver very quickly

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Useful forklift facts and useful tips

Delivering your Hired Forklift

It is very important that there is somewhere to park the lorry (ie particularly in London) where access can be a problem, red routes etc. We can get round it by providing a second driver, ie one to take the lorry away while the forklift driver does the job.


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Tips for forklift safety

Which is safer ?

Is a four wheel forklift more stable and safer than a three wheel forklift? They are both the same as they both behave in terms of stability based on the Stability triangle.