Ice sculpture in Covent Garden , London


Ice sculpture in Neals Street, Covent Garden, London

Bluewater was asked to move a life-sized ice sculpture of the ape, Caesar, on horseback recently.
The ice sculpture was created by Glacial Art Ice Sculptors for “Fox” to celebrate the DVD and Blu-ray release of the Epic film “War for The Planet Of The Apes”

Monday 27th November 2017.  It was set up in Neal Street, Covent Garden, London.


Bluewater Forklift and driver Hire in action at Covent Garden, London


 Matthew Foster, Creative Director, Glacial Art Ice Sculptors said...

" The 2 forklift operators you sent were absolutely lovely to work with and did a sterling job of helping us get our enormous ice sculpture set up without any problems at all. It was a very delicate job and they handled it with skill and care. Brilliant service. Thanks again."

Two Bluewater Forklifts and drivers lifting Ice sculpture at covent Garden, London
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